Rad Events introduce singles events!

Being single and dating can be both daunting and exciting- The unknown of meeting new people and wondering how you will be precieved and what they will say, ask or do! And let’s not forget the stories your married friends eagerly awaiting.



Not knowing how to create the best impression of yourself, overthinking or blurting out something embarassing, wondering if they’re smiling because they think you’re weird or if they like you, worrying about whether they’re attracted to you- We have all been there!


Online dating can become frustrating as you can’t read context or tone and you don’t really know if you’re attracted to them, if they say who they are or even if they’re safe to meet.
On that note, we are excited to announce that we will not only be running speed dating at Sexpo but many other events through out the year!

Give dinner for two with your cat a miss and head down to Sexpo (on your own or with a group of friends) on the 5th-7th May for the chance to meet your new best friend in a fun, exciting and safe environment!

See you singles at Sexpo!

Speed Dating