That delicate arrangement you hold so tightly in your hands symbolises the hope you have for a bright and happy future together. You carry it with pride and elegance as you take your long-awaited walk toward your partner.

Flowers have such a timeless beauty and are often a reflection of a Brides true personality and personal style. They can be used to compliment the dress and overall styling of the wedding décor, or be used as an accent feature like a simple ‘Pop’ of colour.

It’s important to explore all the possibilities with to find an arrangement that is truly ‘You’. You don’t always have to stick to what’s considered in style or on trend, but working with in season blooms is a sure-fire way to keep your purse happy! If there’s a particular out-of-season floral you have your heart set on and you’re finding it hard to fit it into your budget, try using it as a feature flower like the purple roses in the picture below. As featured below, the pink David Austin Roses are intricately blended with delicate Spray Roses to give the bouquet volume and texture.

For all of you savvy Brides that have a knack for creating, don’t be afraid to try your hand at crafting your own bouquets. Many florists will be happy to show you how to create simple designs (after you place your order with them of course) and there are countless tutorials online that do the same. A handy tip is to purchase a small order of your flowers, or ones of similar size and texture, and have a practice run a few months before your big day. That way, any teething problems or improvements can be made well in advance rather than the eve of your wedding!

Here is just one example of stunning bouquets made brides. The beautiful pink bouquet prepared the night before over a glass or two of champagne. The soft white roses mixed with light pink ranunculus and seasonal blooms made in the morning of her wedding. See ladies, it can easily be done and the best thing about it is you can completely personalise it!

It adds just another element to your special accompaniment and it is a work of art to truly be proud of.

An evolving element to the traditional bouquet is the addition of trinkets, lockets and sparkles. Some brides even go so far as to have a whole bouquet made of brooches! If this is your style, then a cute idea is to have each of your friends bring a colour themed brooch to your kitchen tea or bridal shower. This adds a personal touch to your bouquet and truly makes it one of a kind. If you aren’t into that much glitz, then a simple scattering of crystals or glitter can give you a touch of elegance. Another favourite of ours are the lockets that contain photo’s of loved ones unable to attend. It’s a gentle and classy way to acknowledge the precious people that you’d loved to have shared your special day with you.

The Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids bouquets are an opportunity to really be expressive. While most brides tend to go for matching colours that complement the dresses or basic florals (as not to upstage the bride), some dare to make bold statements with their bouquets against the often-plain BM dress. Colour pops of ruby reds and bright pinks in the bouquets of gentle pastels can bring even the most simple bridesmaid dress to life.


Believe it or not, what the bride chooses for her little ladies to hold on her big day tends to vary the most out of any of the wedding accessories. It’s hard to choose these days between a basket, a posy, a bouquet, an umbrella or even a cheeky sign. Whilst some brides like to make all the decisions around the proceedings, it pays to remember that they are fragile little people and having them chose what they’d like can help them feel more comfortable in this somewhat daunting environment. Although times are a changing, we think you’d be hard pressed to find a little girl who wouldn’t love to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle while wearing a princess dress!

The Reception

The tossing of the bouquet is one of the last surviving wedding traditions or games that almost no wedding can do without. Because some brides are just not willing to part with their beautiful bouquets a ‘Throw Away’ bouquet is often swiftly subbed in for the formalities. The happy single lass is able to take home a token of hope for her own wedding dreams and the bride gets to keep her treasured blooms. We think we can speak for everyone when we say that we are ever so glad this tradition has been kept alive! I mean, what girl wouldn’t like to top of a magnificent day with her own bunch of flowers?

Many florists these days are vying for your business and are often happy to give you a complimentary throw away bouquet for the reception. Make sure that you politely ask your florist if this is an option, or order a few extra stems if you are making your own.

It’s important to remember that your bridal party’s bouquets can double as décor on the bridal table. Try ordering simple vases from your wedding stylist, place the bouquets in them and spread them evenly along the table. Scattered amongst some candles and other simple flowers makes for and elegant and romantic setting that ties into your overall theme and colour scheme.

Whichever style you may choose, your bouquet is something to put careful consideration into. It will be in almost all of your photos and, more importantly, it will truly complete your bridal look. Find that arrangement that speaks for you.

“A Rose speaks of Love silently in a Language known only of the Heart”.


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